Printer Trouble Shooting

The sections below are designed to assist you when you have problems with your printer. We at Cannockinks are committed to help  ensure a good experience when using our products.

If you get problems not listed below please do not hesitate to call us on 01543 451962 or email us when we would be pleased to help.

Printer Cartridges not recognised

1. Check that the cartridges are compatible with your printer (if yes complete the steps below)

2. Remove all cartridges from printer

3. Switch off printer and unplug from wall socket.

4. After approx 30 seconds re connect to wall socket and switch on printer

5. Install ink cartridges (If unsuccesful repeat above actions)

I have installed new cartridges and no print on paper

1.Check that you have removed sticker from top of cartridge to allow air flow.

2. Check that any packing under clips on side of cartridges is removed.

3. Check that each cartridge is inserted fully into holders.

I have got gaps or lines on my printed document

1. Check that the paper you are using matches that in the printer settings

2. Acces the printer settings and do a nozzle check

3. If gaps or lines are present on the nozzle check do a head clean

4. Do further nozzle checks and further head cleans until lines are removed.

If head cleans does not solve problem you may have a blocked or damaged head(s) and have to replace printer.

There are variations in the printed colour image from the compatible to the original.
Both original and good quality compatible colour ink have their strengths. People often mistake the printout of original ink as the standard. Printouts may appear to be different whilst applying the same colour scheme (cyan, magenta and yellow). Magenta of one brand may appear to be purple, but another may appear to be rose red. The printing effect will not be exactly the same if you compare colour printouts of different models of printers or different brands of ink.
Ink saturation, type of paper, printer resolution, image quality and printing speed may all have effects on the quality of the image. Ensure that the media settings on your printer matches the media you are using. Also, colours may vary with different types of software (eg. Photoshop and Coreldraw) so the setting may need to be altered accordingly.

Page yield of compatible cartridges
As Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) products are configured to print only the amount of ink held within the product. Within the compatible industry, it is quite common that the compatible cartridge holds more ink that the OEM. Therefore, the page yield generated from using a compatible cartridge is equal to or in most cases greater than an OEM original.

Do I need to remove the clear plastic strip on bottom of my  cartridge?
No. This affects the vacuum within the cartridge and may cause leaking or prevent printing.

Will using compatible ink void my printer warranty

Buying remanufactured printer ink is legal and cannot invalidate your printer warranty, no matter what the brand (Magnuson Moss Warranty Improvement Act) . So you know, there is an exception to this law, however. Using remanufactured printer ink is OK and a printer manufacturer cannot refuse to honor your warranty based on an alternative remanufactured ink cartridge being loaded into your computer printer. However, if your generic replacement printer ink cartridge appears to have directly caused the malfunction of your printer, your printer warranty may not be honoured. The chance of this happening however is very rare.

The paper size for a document in Word 2010 does not match the paper size in the Printer Properties dialog box

To work around this problem, set the paper size to a size other than Letter or A4, and then set the paper size back again. This updates the cached value for the paper size, and the correct value for the paper size is sent to the printer driver.

Consider the following example:

A Word 2010 document that uses the A4 paper size is experiencing this problem. To work around this problem, follow these steps:

1.    On the File tab, click Print.

2.    Change the Paper size from A4 to Legal.

3.    Change the Paper size from Legal back to A4.

4.    Click Printer Properties. The paper size is now set to A4.

Laserjet not printing colours correctly

  1. From the product control panel, press the Setup
  2. Open the Service menu.
  3. Select the Cleaning mode option, and then press the OK button.

The product prints the first side and then prompts you to remove the page from the output bin and reload it in Tray 1, keeping the same orientation. Wait until the process is complete. Discard the page that prints.

Following this print a quality page

  1. From the product control panel, press the Setup
  2. Open the following menus:
    • System Setup
    • Reports
  3. Select the Print Quality Report option, and then press the OK button.

Interpret the report as follows


This page contains five bands of color, which are divided into four groups as indicated in the following illustration. By examining each group, you can isolate the problem to a particular toner cartridge.

Figure : Print-quality troubleshooting page bands

  1. Yellow
  2. Cyan
  3. Black
  4. Magenta
  • If dots or streaks appear in only one of the groups, replace the toner cartridge that correlates with that group.
  • If dots appear in more than one group, print a cleaning page. If this does not solve the problem, determine if the dots are always the same color; for example, if magenta dots appear in all five color bands. If the dots are all the same color, replace that toner cartridge.
  • If streaks appear in multiple color bands, contact HP. A component other than the toner cartridge is probably causing the problem.

Smudging can be a cause of printing on the incorrect type of media (paper)

1.       Double check on the package of your print medium that the material is laser printable

2.       Go into your printer preferences and change the paper type to a heavy gauge material like "Cardstock" or "Heavy Paper". This will reduce the speed the laser printer feeds the material which will give it more exposure to the machine that is fusing thus giving the toner a better fuse to the print medium.

3.       Remove the cartridge and shake it gently from left to right. This will spread the toner out and give a more quality print.

'HP protected cartridge' error

HP has continued their anti-competitive mission against refilled cartridges with a “protection” system on genuine inks. It’s frustrating, and we’ve got all the details here for you.

What is HP cartridge protection?

Once a cartridge has been installed in a printer it is marked as ‘protected’, so it can only be installed in that machine.

This obviously means it cannot be refilled to use in another printer, essentially forcing it to landfill. (crazily, it will even stop you using your ink in a new printer if your one packs in).


How do you get rid of the 'HP protected cartridge' error

The only way to remove this error is to replace the chip on your cartridge, which is not feasible for most users. You’ll need to request a replacement from the store you purchased the ink from. Our suppliers check for protection during the refilling process so you should never have this problem with our HP ink

You can protect yourself going forwards though, preventing future protected cartridge errors....

How to help stop this happen

The protected setting is applied by your printer when the genuine cartridge is installed, so disable this ‘feature’ and keep any genuine inks you use away from landfill.

If your printer does not have internet features

You have it easy :) Go to Settings on your printer menu where you’ll find a ‘Disable cartridge protection’ option.

If your printer has internet features

Open a browser and type in your printers IP address, then browse to the settings below.

Canon Compatible Ink Cartridges Problem Solving

Here you will find a host of information to get the most out of your compatible Canon cartridges including instructions on how to bypass error messages and a guide to manually cleaning your cartridge.

What to do if...

Ink levels are showing as low

Having bought a non-branded Canon cartridge, it’s not unusual for the Canon printer refuse to show ink levels or show them as “low”. This is due to the printer realising that the cartridge is not an original Canon product but there is a simple process you can follow to bypass this message and print as normal.

If/when the printer shows a low ink warning, press and HOLD the STOP/RESET button on the machine for five seconds and then release it. This will kickstart the printer into printing correctly for you - you will still see incorrect ink levels but by doing this trick you can still use the cheaper ink cartridges successfully. The STOP/RESET button looks like this:

Canon ink cartridge error message


You will know when to change the cartridge by keeping an eye on the quality of your prints - as soon as the text or colours start to fade; this is the right time to change the cartridges over.

Your Canon printer shows an E5 error

Although printer errors can differ by model number, typically the E5 printer error for Canon printers refers to a problem with an ink cartridge. Possible causes of the error include:

  • Ink cartridge is not installed properly
  • Wrong ink cartridge installed (unsupported type of cartridge)
  • Printer is not detecting the ink cartridge correctly, if at all

For a comprehensive list of Canon printer error codes, visit our dedicated information page.

The ink cartridge is not installed properly

If the cartridge is not installed correctly, try removing the cartridge from the printer and reinstall it. Make sure it is fully installed and snaps into place securely. Then try printing again. Make sure you turn off the printer and turn it back on to reset the error message.

The wrong ink cartridge is installed

If the wrong cartridge is installed, you need to purchase the correct cartridge and install it into the printer. The printer models which support a cartridge are usually listed on the side of the cartridge’s packaging.

Printer is not detecting the ink cartridge correctly, if at all

It’s possible that the printer won’t detect the cartridge after you install it. This issue could be due to the printer being dirty (excess ink in the ink cartridge tray or ink overflow tray). Try cleaning the printer thoroughly and installing the cartridges again to see if this fixes the problem.

Over time, inkjet printers can become dirty due to excess ink “leaking” out of the cartridge. Ink can build up on major components of the printer, causing the print quality to decrease. When this occurs, it may be necessary to clean the printer.

Top Tip: Always try the printer’s self-cleaning feature before attempting your own clean up. All printers today have some type of self-cleaning ability that is usually accessed by pressing and holding one or more of the buttons on the front of the printer.